Church Administration Resources

“Serving Those Who Serve Churches”


***Special Plenary Session***

  • What Gives the Government the Right to Involve Itself in Church Affairs?
  • What happened to separation of church and state?
  • Special Discussion: The Issue of Gay Marriage and the Church.

***Conference Topics***

  • Why are love offerings considered to be illegal by the IRS?
  • Church Payroll and the IRS. Why church trustees can be held personally liable for not reporting & filing payments for services rendered. Penalties for choosing not to file reports.
  • Why are clergy so targeted by the IRS? Is the Church Partly Responsible?
  • IRS Stepping Up Church Audits. What are they looking for?
  • How cash disbursements & checks payable to individuals can be classified as payroll.
  • Independent Contractor Regulations – What to do if Contractor Won’t Sign.
  • Church Recordkeeping Audit Red Flags.

Serving Those That Serve Churches

Church Administration Resources

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