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Who Are We?

Church Administration Resources is a ministry that developed at the dawn of the IRS attention to churches and clergy in 1985. The main thrust of the ministry was to bring information to the church and clergy community so that it would not perish due to a lack of knowledge.

It was during this time that the government (via Congress) paid attention to the fact that many churches were paying remuneration for services rendered in the church (albeit very small in many cases), and were not reporting these payments. The churches (mostly African American) traditionally referred to these small payments as “stipends” or “love offerings”. However, the government classifies them as payments for services rendered that must be recorded and reported when the annual amount is $108.28 or more a year, regardless of the frequency distributed.

Serving Our Community

Recognition of this great lack of knowledge in the African American church community led to the birth of the ministry (and services) rendered by Janet V. Kennedy-Jacobs, as a Church Business Consultant. Over the years, we have provided services in the form of church payroll compliance, clergy tax and compensation planning, countless seminars and workshops, publications, representation with the IRS and many state agencies, many, many applications for the federal letter of determination [501{c}{3}]; a 10 year weekly radio broadcast in the Delaware Valley and specializing in clergy tax preparation.

The scripture basis for our ministry is Hosea; 4-6 that says “my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”. Our goal is to keep as many churches and clergy as assigned to us from being destroyed due to a lack of knowledge regarding these matters.

Years of teaching and experience has led to our publication entitled “What Gives the Government the Right to Involve Itself in Church Affairs?” Most African American Churches and clergy are out of compliance because they absolutely do not understand why the government seems to violate its own rule of “separation of church and state”. This publication explains the how and the why the government is not violating their own rule and where the separation of church and state exist and where it does not.

In his service, Janet V. Kennedy-Jacobs, The Church Business Consultant Share

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